gemfire::ManagedVisitorGeneric Class Reference

Detailed Description

Wraps the managed GemStone.GemFire.Cache.PropertyVisitor delegate and implements the native gemfire::Properties::Visitor interface.

Public Member Functions

 ManagedVisitorGeneric (Object^ visitorFunc)
virtual void visit (CacheableKeyPtr &key, CacheablePtr &value)
virtual ~ManagedVisitorGeneric ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gemfire::ManagedVisitorGeneric::ManagedVisitorGeneric ( Object^   visitorFunc  )  [inline]

Create a gemfire::Properties::Visitor from the given managed PropertyVisitor delegate.

virtual gemfire::ManagedVisitorGeneric::~ManagedVisitorGeneric (  )  [inline, virtual]

Destructor -- does nothing.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void gemfire::ManagedVisitorGeneric::visit ( CacheableKeyPtr &  key,
CacheablePtr &  value 
) [virtual]

Invokes the managed PropertyVisitor delegate for the given Property key and value.

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