gemfire::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric Class Reference

Detailed Description

Wraps the managed GemStone.GemFire.Cache.IPartitionResolver object and implements the native gemfire::PartitionResolver interface.

Public Member Functions

virtual const char * getName ()
virtual CacheableKeyPtr getRoutingObject (const EntryEvent &key)
 ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric (Object^ userptr)
IPartitionResolverProxy^ ptr () const
virtual ~ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric ()

Static Public Member Functions

PartitionResolver * 
create (const char *assemblyPath, const char *factoryFunctionName)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gemfire::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric ( Object^   userptr  )  [inline]

Constructor to initialize with the provided managed object.

userptr The managed object.

virtual gemfire::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric::~ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric (  )  [inline, virtual]

Destructor -- does nothing.

Member Function Documentation

static PartitionResolver* gemfire::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric::create ( const char *  assemblyPath,
const char *  factoryFunctionName 
) [static]

Static function to create a ManagedPartitionResolver using given managed assembly path and given factory function.

assemblyPath The path of the managed assembly that contains the IPartitionResolver factory function.
factoryFunctionName The name of the factory function of the managed class for creating an object that implements IPartitionResolver. This should be a static function of the format {Namespace}.{Class Name}.{Method Name}.
IllegalArgumentException If the managed library cannot be loaded or the factory function fails.

virtual const char* gemfire::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric::getName (  )  [virtual]

Returns the name of the PartitionResolver.

This function does not throw any exception.

the name of the PartitionResolver

virtual CacheableKeyPtr gemfire::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric::getRoutingObject ( const EntryEvent key  )  [virtual]

return object associated with entry event which allows the Partitioned Region to store associated data together.

throws RuntimeException - any exception thrown will terminate the operation and the exception will be passed to the calling thread.

key key the detail of the entry event.

IPartitionResolverProxy ^ gemfire::ManagedPartitionResolverGeneric::ptr (  )  const [inline]

Returns the wrapped managed object reference.

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