gemfire::ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric Class Reference

Detailed Description

Wraps the managed GemStone.GemFire.Cache.IAuthInitialize object and implements the native gemfire::AuthInitialize interface.

Public Member Functions

virtual void close ()
virtual PropertiesPtr getCredentials (PropertiesPtr &securityprops, const char *server)
 ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric (Object^ userptr)
GemStone::GemFire::Cache::IAuthInitializeptr () const

Static Public Member Functions

static AuthInitialize * create (const char *assemblyPath, const char *factoryFunctionName)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gemfire::ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric::ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric ( Object^   userptr  )  [inline]

Constructor to initialize with the provided managed object.

userptr The managed object.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void gemfire::ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric::close (  )  [virtual]

Called when the cache is going down

Implementations should clean up any external resources, such as database connections. Any runtime exceptions this method throws will be logged.

It is possible for this method to be called multiple times on a single callback instance, so implementations must be tolerant of this.

See also:

static AuthInitialize* gemfire::ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric::create ( const char *  assemblyPath,
const char *  factoryFunctionName 
) [static]

Static function to create a ManagedAuthInitialize using given managed assembly path and given factory function.

assemblyPath The path of the managed assembly that contains the IAuthInitialize factory function.
factoryFunctionName The name of the factory function of the managed class for creating an object that implements IAuthInitialize. This should be a static function of the format {Namespace}.{Class Name}.{Method Name}.
IllegalArgumentException If the managed library cannot be loaded or the factory function fails.

virtual PropertiesPtr gemfire::ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric::getCredentials ( PropertiesPtr &  securityprops,
const char *  server 
) [virtual]

Initialize with the given set of security properties and return the credentials for the given client as properties.

securityprops Given set of properties with which to initialize
server It is the ID of the endpoint

GemStone::GemFire::Cache::IAuthInitialize ^ gemfire::ManagedAuthInitializeGeneric::ptr (  )  const [inline]

Returns the wrapped managed object reference.

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