GemStone::GemFire::Cache::StatisticDescriptor Class Reference

Detailed Description

A class that describes an individual statistic whose value is updated by an application and may be archived by GemFire. These descriptions are gathered together in a StatisticsType class.

To get an instance of this interface use an instance of StatisticsFactory class.

StatisticDescriptors are naturally ordered by their name.


virtual String^  Description [get]
virtual int32_t ID [get]
virtual int8_t IsCounter [get]
virtual int8_t IsLargerBetter [get]
virtual String^  Name [get]
virtual String^  Unit [get]

Property Documentation

virtual String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::StatisticDescriptor::Description [get]

Returns the description of this statistic

virtual int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::StatisticDescriptor::ID [get]

Returns the id of this statistic in a StatisticsType class. The id is initialized when its statistics type is created.

virtual int8_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::StatisticDescriptor::IsCounter [get]

Returns true if this statistic is a counter; false if its a gauge. Counter statistics have values that always increase. Gauge statistics have unconstrained values.

virtual int8_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::StatisticDescriptor::IsLargerBetter [get]

Returns true if a larger statistic value indicates better performance.

virtual String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::StatisticDescriptor::Name [get]

Returns the name of this statistic

virtual String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::StatisticDescriptor::Unit [get]

Returns the unit in which this statistic is measured.

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