GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties Class Reference

Inherits GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::SystemProperties >.

Detailed Description

A class for internal use, that encapsulates the properties that can be set through DistributedSystem.Connect or a file.

Public Member Functions

void LogSettings ()
 SystemProperties (Properties< String^ , String^ >^properties, String^ configFile)
 SystemProperties (Properties< String^ , String^ >^properties)

Protected Member Functions

void InternalCleanup ()
void SetPtr (gemfire::SystemProperties *nativeptr, bool own)


bool AppDomainEnabled [get]
String^  CacheXmlFile [get]
String^  ConflateEvents [get]
uint32_t ConnectTimeout [get]
bool CrashDumpEnabled [get]
bool DebugStackTraceEnabled [get]
String^  DurableClientId [get]
uint32_t DurableTimeout [get]
Properties< String^ ,
String^ >^ 
GetSecurityProperties [get]
LogLevel GFLogLevel [get]
int32_t HeapLRUDelta [get]
size_t HeapLRULimit [get]
bool HeapLRULimitEnabled [get]
bool IsSecurityOn [get]
int32_t LogDiskSpaceLimit [get]
String^  LogFileName [get]
int32_t LogFileSizeLimit [get]
uint32_t MaxQueueSize [get]
int32_t MaxSocketBufferSize [get]
String^  Name [get]
int32_t NotifyAckInterval [get]
int32_t NotifyDupCheckLife [get]
bool OnClientDisconnectClearPdxTypeIds [get]
bool Own [get, set]
int32_t PingInterval [get]
int32_t RedundancyMonitorInterval [get]
bool SSLEnabled [get]
String^  SSLKeyStore [get]
String^  SSLKeystorePassword [get]
String^  SSLTrustStore [get]
String^  StatisticsArchiveFile [get]
bool StatisticsEnabled [get]
int32_t StatisticsSampleInterval [get]
int32_t StatsDiskSpaceLimit [get]
int32_t StatsFileSizeLimit [get]
uint32_t SuspendedTxTimeout [get]
bool TimeoutUnitInMilliseconds [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::SystemProperties ( Properties< String^ , String^ >^  properties  ) 

Constructor. Sets the default (hard-coded) values first, and then overwrites those with any values found in the given properties.

properties initialize with the given properties

GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::SystemProperties ( Properties< String^ , String^ >^  properties,
String^   configFile 


  1. Sets the default (hard-coded) values.
  2. Overwrites those with any values from systemDefault/
  3. Overwrites those with any values from the given file (if it exists) or the local ./ (if the given file does not exist).
  4. Overwrites those with any values found in the given properties.

properties these overwrite any other values already set
configFile see summary

Member Function Documentation

void GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::SystemProperties >::InternalCleanup (  )  [inline, protected, inherited]

Internal cleanup function invoked by dispose/finalizer.

void GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::LogSettings (  ) 

Prints all settings to the process log.

void GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::SystemProperties >::SetPtr ( gemfire::SystemProperties *  nativeptr,
bool  own 
) [inline, protected, inherited]

Used to set the native pointer to a new object. This should only be used when you know that the underlying object is NULL or you do not own it.

Property Documentation

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::AppDomainEnabled [get]

Whether client is running in multiple AppDomain or not. Default value is "false".

true if enabled

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::CacheXmlFile [get]

Returns the name of the "cache.xml" file.

the filename

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::ConflateEvents [get]

Returns the conflate event's option

the conflate event option

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::ConnectTimeout [get]

Returns the connect timeout used for server and locator handshakes.

the connect timeout used for server and locator handshakes

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::CrashDumpEnabled [get]

True if the crash dump generation for unhandled fatal exceptions is enabled. If "log-file" property has been specified then they are created in the same directory as the log file, and having the same prefix as log file. By default crash dumps are created in the current working directory and have the "gemfire_cpp" prefix.

The actual dump file will have timestamp and process ID in the full name.

true if enabled

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::DebugStackTraceEnabled [get]

True if the stack trace is enabled.

true if enabled

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::DurableClientId [get]

Returns the durable client's ID.

the durable client ID

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::DurableTimeout [get]

Returns the durable client's timeout.

the durable client timeout

Properties< String^, String^>^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::GetSecurityProperties [get]

Returns all the security properties

the security properties

LogLevel GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::GFLogLevel [get]

Returns the message logging level.

the log level

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::HeapLRUDelta [get]

Returns the HeapLRUDelta value (a percent value). This specifies the percentage of entries the system will evict each time it detects that it has exceeded the HeapLRULimit. Defaults to 10%

the HeapLRUDelta value

size_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::HeapLRULimit [get]

Returns the HeapLRULimit value (in bytes), the maximum memory that values in a cache can use to store data before overflowing to disk or destroying entries to ensure that the server process never runs out of memory due to cache memory usage

the HeapLRULimit value

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::HeapLRULimitEnabled [get]

Returns a boolean that specifies if heapLRULimit has been enabled for the process. If enabled, the HeapLRULimit specifies the maximum amount of memory that values in a cache can use to store data before overflowing to disk or destroying entries to ensure that the server process never runs out of memory

true if enabled

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::IsSecurityOn [get]

True if client needs to be authenticated

true if enabled

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::LogDiskSpaceLimit [get]

Returns the maximum log Disk size, in bytes, or 0 if unlimited.

the maximum limit

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::LogFileName [get]

Returns the name of the message log file.

the filename

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::LogFileSizeLimit [get]

Returns the maximum log file size, in bytes, or 0 if unlimited.

the maximum limit

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::MaxQueueSize [get]

Returns the max queue size for notification messages

the max queue size

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::MaxSocketBufferSize [get]

Returns the maximum socket buffer size to use

the MaxSocketBufferSize value

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::Name [get]

Returns the system name.

the name

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::NotifyAckInterval [get]

Returns the periodic notify ack interval

the NotifyAckInterval value

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::NotifyDupCheckLife [get]

Returns the expiry time of an idle event id map entry for duplicate notification checking

the NotifyDupCheckLife value

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::OnClientDisconnectClearPdxTypeIds [get]

True if app want to clear pdx types ids on client disconnect

true if enabled

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::SystemProperties >::Own [get, set, protected, inherited]

Get or set the ownership of this object.

True if the native object is owned by this object.

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::PingInterval [get]

Returns the time between two consecutive ping to servers

the PingInterval value

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::RedundancyMonitorInterval [get]

Returns the time between two consecutive checks for redundancy for HA

the RedundancyMonitorInterval value

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::SSLEnabled [get]

True if ssl connection support is enabled.

true if enabled

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::SSLKeyStore [get]

Returns the SSL private keystore file path.

the SSL private keystore file path

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::SSLKeystorePassword [get]

Returns the client keystore password..

Returns the client keystore password.

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::SSLTrustStore [get]

Returns the SSL public certificate trust store file path.

the SSL public certificate trust store file path

String^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::StatisticsArchiveFile [get]

Returns the name of the statistics archive file.

the filename

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::StatisticsEnabled [get]

True if statistics are enabled (archived).

true if enabled

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::StatisticsSampleInterval [get]

Returns the sampling interval, that is, how often the statistics thread writes to disk, in seconds.

the statistics sampling interval

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::StatsDiskSpaceLimit [get]

Returns the maximum statistics Disk size, in bytes, or 0 if unlimited.

the maximum limit

int32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::StatsFileSizeLimit [get]

Returns the maximum statistics file size, in bytes, or 0 if unlimited.

the maximum limit

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::SuspendedTxTimeout [get]

Returns the timeout after which suspended transactions are rolled back.

the timeout for suspended transactions

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::SystemProperties::TimeoutUnitInMilliseconds [get]

This can be called to know whether read timeout unit is in milli second.

true if enabled or false by default.

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