GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::CqState Class Reference

Inherits GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::CqState >.

Detailed Description

Static class containing convenience methods for CqState.

Public Member Functions

bool IsClosed ()
bool IsClosing ()
bool IsRunning ()
bool IsStopped ()
virtual String^ ToString () override

Protected Member Functions

void InternalCleanup ()
void SetPtr (gemfire::CqState *nativeptr, bool own)


bool Own [get, set]

Member Function Documentation

void GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::CqState >::InternalCleanup (  )  [inline, protected, inherited]

Internal cleanup function invoked by dispose/finalizer.

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::CqState::IsClosed (  ) 

Returns true if the CQ is in Closed state.

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::CqState::IsClosing (  ) 

Returns true if the CQ is in Closing state.

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::CqState::IsRunning (  ) 

Returns true if the CQ is in Running state.

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::CqState::IsStopped (  ) 

Returns true if the CQ is in Stopped state.

void GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::CqState >::SetPtr ( gemfire::CqState *  nativeptr,
bool  own 
) [inline, protected, inherited]

Used to set the native pointer to a new object. This should only be used when you know that the underlying object is NULL or you do not own it.

virtual String ^ GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::CqState::ToString (  )  [override, virtual]

Returns the state in string form.

Property Documentation

bool GemStone::GemFire::Cache::Generic::Internal::UMWrap< gemfire::CqState >::Own [get, set, protected, inherited]

Get or set the ownership of this object.

True if the native object is owned by this object.

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