GemStone::GemFire::Cache::CqServiceStatistics Class Reference

Detailed Description

Defines common statistical information for cqservice

Public Member Functions

uint32_t numCqsActive ()
uint32_t numCqsClosed ()
uint32_t numCqsCreated ()
uint32_t numCqsOnClient ()
uint32_t numCqsStopped ()

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::CqServiceStatistics::numCqsActive (  ) 

Get the number of CQs currently active. Active CQs are those which are executing (in running state).

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::CqServiceStatistics::numCqsClosed (  ) 

Get the total number of closed CQs. This is a cumulative number.

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::CqServiceStatistics::numCqsCreated (  ) 

Get the total number of CQs created. This is a cumulative number.

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::CqServiceStatistics::numCqsOnClient (  ) 

Get number of CQs that are currently active or stopped. The CQs included in this number are either running or stopped (suspended). Closed CQs are not included.

uint32_t GemStone::GemFire::Cache::CqServiceStatistics::numCqsStopped (  ) 

Get the number of stopped CQs currently.

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